Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shraddhanjali - In the memory of My Father-in-law

I am to the blog after about 15 days after sudden demise of my father-in-law on 30 April,2011 at 7PM. We are still in shock and unable to digest. The land under us is slid to deep valley.   We are in deep sorrow and depression. He is known for his goodness, helping nature, love, affection, etc. not only for our family but his surrounding people. He is known for his hard work and good health at the age of 65yrs. That is way his is called as "Retired Major" by his friends and neighboring people even though his is belongs to the Education department. He worked as school principal and Retired Mandal Education Officer. He is known for his sincerity and discipline at work. He always stood first in row to take any challenge at home and work and also to help.

We lost a elderly person in our family and I think, the position is never fill in our life. I love him more than my parents. My wife and my Mother-in-law, still in deep depression. It is a challenge for me to bring them to normal life. May God give enough strength to us to fight these movements of our life.

We pay tribute to My Father-in-law who left this world, leaving us alone and pray for peace of his soul.

We will carry his memories in our hearts forever.


  1. I can feel your sincerity in your words. I'm sure your prayers will be heard. Remember, he is in a better place. Best of luck coping.

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