Friday, 1 April 2011

All are my friends ("A" in A to Z Challenge)

All  ( me, my wife, in-laws, co-brother,etc.) are  waiting for the Bunny ( Nick name of my daughter and she is 4yrs old that time) from the school, who is studying in the LKG, after our lunch. We all are chit-chatting joyfully after long time. 
"Hi Bunnnnyyyy! Is your school over for the day?"my nice, Neelima (My wife's elder sister's daughter) suddenly shouted with affectionately looking in to the door.
"Hi Neelima Akka (Akka means sister)! When did you come?" she loves Neelima very much and Bunny thinks that Neelima is her own sister.
"Ohhoooo All are here" looking at all the people present in the room and surprisingly replied. 
" Hi Grand Maa, Grand Paa, Pooju, Uncle and Auntie" shouting happily and joyfully and keeping her hand on the mouth surprisingly and said "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooo".
She loves everybody and everybody  lover her in our family as she is the youngest girl child. 
She is moving one person to other with joy, happy and not standing at one place. 
My mother-in-law lifted Bunny in her lap and asked "What happened in school today?" Everybody looking for answer from Bunny. 
"Grandma! In my class all are participating in the sports events for sports day. But Auntie (Bunny's class teacher) not given me a chance" replied sadly. She is about to cry.

"What happen to Auntie? Why is not given you the chance to participate in sport day? Neeraja go to school tomorrow and ask to the Auntie?" My mother-in-law looked towards my wife-Neeraja and asked.
"Don't worry my dear. Tomorrow mummy will come to your school and she will ask your Auntie" my mother-in-law told to Bunny and kissed her.
"No, No, Don't come to my school and don't ask any thing to Auntie. She will slap me" Bunny said with controlling her sadness and trying to wipe her tears with hands.
"I don't know what is the problem to her class teacher, Jayanthi. She always tries to neglect my child even though she perform well in the class. She is jealousy about my child. I am looking from first day of this class, she is giving problems to my little daughter, Bunny" sadly said.
Bunny went near to her mom and sit in her lap and said "If all are participating in the sports events. Who will there to give claps? I will sit on the green carpet at ground, I will watch all the events and clap for everyone. After all they are my friends."

All joyful environment evaporated from the room and sad clouds are covered with the sound of Bunny. 
Neeru, me and mother-in-law instantly dropped tears from our eyes and every one become silent.
Neelima understood the situation and took the Bunny into the kitchen for lunch.
Next day Neeru(Neeraja) and my father-in-law went to school and took the class teacher left and right and worn her that if the same thing repeats again, the complaint will be forward to the Principal.

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