Thursday, 28 April 2011

Positive Thinking ("P" in A2Z blogging challenge)

Positive thinking is a very powerful and potent force, which we can use to manifest our goals and accomplish difficult tasks. Positive thinking arises from following important aspects of our mind.
  • The attitude with which we approach life and view the world in general. 
    • Our attitude determines how our mind processes information and how we interpret our perceptions and narrate our experiences to ourself.
  • Our self-image, which is how we see ourself and how we think others see us. 
    • Our self-image determines our self-confidence, our behavior and our relationship with the world and the people in our life.
Positive thinking is a way of looking at the world with hopeful, cheerful and positive frame of reference. It is how we would like to position ourself in relation to the various aspects of our life and the things we interact with. It is how we make sense of the world, how we interpret our knowledge and experience, how we deal with our problems and manage our actions and reactions. 

When we are positively inclined, we see opportunities instead of problems and open ourself to the immense possibilities life offers us in the form of challenges and obstacles.

We can develop and maintain positive mental attitude by believing in our ability to achieve our goals and dreams. Have the conviction that we will succeed in reaching them or realizing them and in manifesting our destiny. We have to believe in our ability to control our mind and our thoughts and the ability of our mind to manifest our intentions and aspirations.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity Albert Einstein

If negative thinking gives nothing, then why should we think negative?  
Think Positive.  It never harms us.

Positive thinking makes it possible to all impossibilities

Positive Thinking has the key to answer to any problem

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