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Kite Fighting ("K" in A to Z blogging challenge)

Kite flying is the cultural sport in India and especially in Hyderabad and other parts of the country. Kites are fly during the Makara Sankranthi festival here in Hyderabad. But children fly Kites throughout the year.

There are different kinds of Kites available in the Market. The price ranging from few bugs to hundreds of bugs.Kites are made from paper in general and now a days they are made from plastic paper.  Kites are named with the pattens or designs used for kites and the making method. The names like: Jibia, Dukkan, Sada etc. depend on patterns used for kite. The names like Doredaar, Keench, Deel, etc depend on making method. Generally, here the people use the Diamond shape kites known as Fighter Kites. The thread used for flying the kite is known as Mahnja. It is a fine thread coated with glue and fine glass powder. Because of this coating the Mahnja can cut the other kite's thread during Kite fighting. The Mahnja is different for different flying methods and fighting. There are different methods to fly and fighting the kites like pulling or loosening  the Mahnja during fighting.

Different kinds of Kites

Kite Making

Kites shop

There is a separate market for kites in Hyderabad. There are many families have the occupation as Kite making and Mahnja making. They make kites and Mahnja throughout the year and make them available for during festival.

Making Mahnja

During the festival season, people climb on their home terraces or roofs and fly their Kites. They challenge the other people for Kite fights. They cut the others kites and shout "Khaat". Some organizations arrange the special arrangements like Public Address Systems, Commentary on Kite Fighting, etc. Some place, all the people gather at grounds and participate in the Kite Fighting. 

The people belongs to all walks of life are participate in Kite fighting.  Kite fighting is brings the fun and happy. It removes the boundaries between the religions and brings harmony among people.

My daughter flying kite with her cousins.

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