Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Welcome to the world of dreams - Moon expedition

On another day I am spending my post dinner time on the top floor with  my Buddy (My daughter's Nick name given by me) and my wife Neeru. We are enjoying the summer sky. It is pleasant without any clouds and cold air is flowing. We are able to clearly see the stars and moon, even in Hyderabad's pollution smoke. "Dad! Dad! look at the stars" said 5 years Buddy showing three stars. 'Yes' I said. " This is mom's star, that is yours and middle one is mine" said the Buddy. "You are always try to be in middle of us" I said. Neeru is smiling. Then we sat on the mat. We are enjoying the summer evening cold waves and planning to sleep here for the night. Buddy is looking at the moon and thinking something. 'What happened?' I asked thinking about her ideas. ' I will become a Astronaut?' said Buddy. 'I will prepare a rocket and step on the moon with a small bag on my back. I will collect all the dust and waste on the moon with my bag. I will back to the earth and through in the dust bin at our house. So that the moon looks clear from here without any black spots on it' said Buddy with bright face and sparkling eyes. Neeru given a strong kiss to Buddy and said 'That's good idea. But you have to practice to collect the waste. Start it with the collecting waste papers spread by you daily'. She said 'OK'. I appreciated their Ideas.........................Both Neeru and Buddy................


  1. Seems like she is pretty much like u.

  2. She is not like me in thinking, but like her mom.

  3. Wow Wow!!!

    Your dustbin is gonna be full Partha!! My goodness, LOL!!!

    with warm regards

  4. I loved this! Though I can't speak for others on if she's like you or not this was great :)

    I'm here to welcome you to the A to Z blogging challenge! I'm one of the co-hosts, should you need anything don't hesitate to ask!!! Feel free to stop by my neck of the woods and say hello! We'll also be having fun on twitter (I'm @jenunedited)! See you in April!


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