Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Daughter's Dreams - Dad's Duty to make them real ("D" in A to Z challenge)

Daughters Dreams - My daughter - Bunny - always dream about what to become after she grownup. It is strange, great and creative dreams. That is - she wanted to be like an Albert Einstein or a Marie Curie.  

She dream about traveling in the space, moving from one planet to other, searching for mankind on them, etc.   

She always like to observe the stars at night and wants to know distance from the earth.

  She know that Stars are not Stars but they are Suns but she want to know about them. Her all dreams round around the Universe.

She likes nature and earth. She wants stay in the nature for ever and wants to preserve its nature.  

She likes running rivers, 

growing plants and trees, 

budding flowers, 

flying birds, 

cute animals, 

high mountains, 

moving clouds, 

falling raindrops,

shaking fields,

morning dewdrops, 

rising and setting sun, 

cold moon light, etc. 

She want to play with them.


She dreams a lot and lot.....


Dad's Duty - I always feel that my duty is to make them real. I (not only me but my wife also) always fear that whether we make her dream come true or not. We always taking care about it to provide every thing as possible as to reach near to her dreams come true. Every day challenge for us to give answer to her questions, even though we are well educated in the subjects what she is interested.  
We always facilitate to enrich her dreams and ideas. We never want to suppress her freely flowing thoughts and ideas and we always encourage her. Some times I feel, fear will born from Duty.  

I always pray to God, give enough strength to us, such that we make her dream come true.

The Lincoln Lawyer: A NovelPaper AirplaneDreams [VHS]


  1. God will surely give up ample strength!!

    He himself blessed you with this sweet angel, why won't he make the dreams come true? Have faith!!

    with warm regards

  2. Such a beautiful post, I could feel the love coming off the words here. Very nicely done. Thank you for this.

  3. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Beautiful Mommy Writer Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  4. Thanks Deirdra for your award.
    I am very happy to receive the award.
    I am dedicating this award to My Sweetheart, Wife.

  5. such should all parents do - your daughter is so lucky you and your wife are doing this


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