Friday, 15 April 2011

First Time in Life ("F" in A to Z challenge)

First Time Happenings in life are very sweet memories in one's life. 
It may be first birthday, first school, first teacher, first fairy tale, first friend, first job, first earning, first love, first child, first award, etc..... The list is, in general, as long as Nile river. But each and every event of this list is very sweet and unforgettable events. 

Class In First School

We always try to recollect them and enjoy them. 
We always feel that the same events may come again in our life, even though the second time happenings may or may not be as sweet as first one. We always compare the present events with the first time events. We always like the first time events, even though they are not better than the present events. We always crazy about them. That is the taste of the first time happenings.
We always try to store those events in many form like pics, videos, gifts, enjoy when ever we feel. We always love them to recollect and memorize.

As a parent, we always try to keep - the first time happening in the life of their child - in safe.
My First Child

My daughter's first school video.


My daughter First cycling on her first bicycle

Like any other, my daughter always love to recollect her first time happening in her life. And she want once more. But she is unable to understand that, they cannot happen once again. The latest crazy thing of my daughter is, she want her birth day this time same as her first birth. We are planning........

First Invitation

First BDay Preparation
First BDay Cake

Ready for First BDay Celebrations

First BDay Candle Blowing

First BDay Cake Cutting

First Cake Piece to Mom

First BDay's First Gift

First BDay Group Pic

With my First Bunny-Bear

First Encounter with Color Balls on First BDay - Still I am Fascinated

With my MOM


  1. She's so adorable. I love that pink dress.

  2. Your daughter is chubby chubby then!! Looking cool & yet a little reserved!!

  3. Your blog is lovely. Your daughter is so cute. Those memories will perdure forever.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  4. Your daughter is beautiful. She is especially cute in "Bindi" along with a hat. Also your family seems to be lovely. Thanks for sharing. First time is indeed precious. Chrish these years as children grow up fast. Take it from a grandma, time has wings.

  5. Your daughter is beautiful and a very lucky little girl, it is obvious that you love her very, very much! Nice post. :)

  6. What beautiful 'firsts' you have shared!!

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