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Rangoli ("R" in A2Z blogging challenge)

Rangoli is one of the fork arts of India. It is decorative art. Rangoli is done on the courtyards and floors of living rooms. This art is practicing in India from ancient days. Rangoli is done on the special occasions like festivals, marriages, etc. Rangoli is treated as the sacred welcome for the deities. But in south India, the Rangoli is done every day in front of house. Generally the Rangoli is done by the women.

Rangoli patterns consists of geometric shapes, flowers, leaves, butterflies, birds, etc. Rangoli design are done such that, the patterns are suitable to the occasion.

Rangoli with Diyas (Lamps)

Basically, the Rangoli is done using the fine granular rice power or flour. These materials are mixed with Kumkum or Turmeric, etc. Now a days they are mixing with natural or synthetic color.  Some times the people use flowers, leaves, etc. to have good appearance.

Rangoli Made from flowers

An artistic work with Rangoli

Rangoli patterns are done by first keeping  dots on the ground and then they join the dots to form different designs. The number of dots and pattern of dots are depend on the intended Rangoli pattern. Some times, the people do the Rangoli without using dots also. Rangoli is done by single woman or collective women. Now a days, Rangoli competitions are conducting by some charities on special occations. Some colleges, organizations  also conducting competitions during the occasions like annual day celebration, etc.

Rangoli is a symbol of religious and cultural beliefs. But I found one scientific reason in that - The Rangoli done using the Rice power. The birds will come and eat this rice powder. In this way we are feeding the birds. At the same time, the insects like ants etc. also eat this rice power and they will enter in to the house.
The termaric used in Rangoli acts as anticeptic, and repells some king of insects also. Any way, the Rangoli has only advantages and no disadvantages. But only thing is that we have to practice the Rangoli, which is not doing by the now-a-days girls.

My daughter likes very much to do Rangoli, even though, she is not able to do the design, but she can fill the patterns with colors.

My daughter (with Red sweater) fill colors in Rangoli

My daughter's Rangoli

My daughter doing Rangoli with her cousin and Mom

Rangoli Competition in my wife's college:

Rangoli is not only a art work but it indicates the culture, togetherness with the nature, happy and cheer. It is the indication of the smiling colors of our life.

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  1. Nice and cute rangoli designs :) . I would like to feature some of these here

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  3. Rangolis are truly amazing artwork that will capture everyone's eye. I'd like to try some easy rangoli designs with dots as beginner and see if I can start off with it. Thanks for sharing these beautiful designs.


  4. I love beautiful collection of rangoli, and i must say you did a good job with yours. I hope you will allow me to pin your collection.


  5. Even I making doing different Rangoli designs every year. This Diwali I am surely going to pick something from here. Lovely designs must say! Thanx for sharing.


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